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Back to school time, 15% off custom orders!

Whether your child admits it or not, when they leave for college, they'll miss home. Their own room, home cooked meals, help with their laundry, familiar faces, familiar places.

We think our fleece blankets are the perfect care package to send your son or daughter. If they can't be home, they can wrap themselves with memories of home.  Design a blanket, they come in 2 sizes, with map or chart imagery of your home town or even their favorite location. 

Now through Labor Day, our fleece blankets (and all our custom items) are 15% off! Have questions, email us any time! or call 877-858-6453

We look forward to capturing memories for you or your loved ones!  


if you must

I always thought Valentines Day was when the guy gets the girl a romantic gift. Times have changed! 

If you must get him something, here are a few ideas.

For the traveling man. I toiletry (aka shave) kit with a cool chart or map design of his favorite destination.


For the homebody with a terrific man-cave. Maybe he loves sports...maybe he misses his home town. Design a pillow with a sporting arena or a map of where he grew up.