Everything coconuts

Pardon my language... My text to my Miami bestie tonight after she tortured me with "I'm sailing and it's chilly I had to wear a jacket because it's 60 degrees" wah wah wah.

To which I responded:  "I wear a f-ing utilitarian down north face jacket to my knees, a hat, gloves, knee high snow boots AND leg warmers!!!! Uuuggghhhhh lol F*** WINTER. I need everything coconuts right now. "

Everything coconuts. Coconut oil, coconut lotion, coconut sun tan spray, coconut water, coconut milk, coconut vodka, coconut chips, coconut sea salt hair spray, coconut cups to drink out of, coconut bubbly water, coconut perfume, coconut cream, coconut mornings by the j band, my little coconut baby, coconut grove, my friends awesome blog smashing coconuts, whole coconuts. I want everything coconut because that means I'll be somewhere warm, tropical, exotic, amazing, happy.  

It looks warm here!!