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There is some validity to this {verb} "Mainer" and I'm beginning to understand it. Every time I've had a work related event in Maine, as that's the only reason I've visited Maine in the past years, I am so pleasantly surprised by the kindness.  

People are helpful, friendly, pretty down to earth, they seem organic, and like they have a different appreciation for life. I love all the Chevys and Fords I see, especially the ones hauling vintage campers like the 60's & 70's style teardrop made by Airstream. It seems people flock to Maine for their love of nature and the land. To slow down and take a fresh breath of green air. 

For those folks residing in Maine, the ones I've met hold true to my now definition of a "Mainer" . Kind, natural, polite, lovers of the land. Even though I live in Massachusetts, I feel like I'm PART "Mainer". 

And how would we define a "massachusettser"???? Hmmmmm that's a blog for a rainy day. 

Close up of our new southern Maine insured tote

Close up of our new southern Maine insured tote

Border free travels

Thank you border free travels for including Not For Navigation's nantucket chart purse!

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Turquoise seas

I'd like to be here floating in a turquoise sea!!! 🌴🏊☀️ put your favorite getaway on a #notfornavigation pillow and bring vacation into your home!! 


Everything coconuts

Pardon my language... My text to my Miami bestie tonight after she tortured me with "I'm sailing and it's chilly I had to wear a jacket because it's 60 degrees" wah wah wah.

To which I responded:  "I wear a f-ing utilitarian down north face jacket to my knees, a hat, gloves, knee high snow boots AND leg warmers!!!! Uuuggghhhhh lol F*** WINTER. I need everything coconuts right now. "

Everything coconuts. Coconut oil, coconut lotion, coconut sun tan spray, coconut water, coconut milk, coconut vodka, coconut chips, coconut sea salt hair spray, coconut cups to drink out of, coconut bubbly water, coconut perfume, coconut cream, coconut mornings by the j band, my little coconut baby, coconut grove, my friends awesome blog smashing coconuts, whole coconuts. I want everything coconut because that means I'll be somewhere warm, tropical, exotic, amazing, happy.  

It looks warm here!!  



be mine

With Valentines day on the way, I'm sure you're wondering what the perfect gift will be this holiday for her. 

Something different, something special...hmmm where to begin! This is the struggle for most around a gift-giving holiday. 

Share her most cherished location and let us create a unique piece made special for her!  

Featured below is a beach bag with the Hawaiian islands chart on it. Maybe you honeymooned there...first vaca... Plan a trip and this is how you'll tell her where you're going! ❤️❤️❤️


play time

One good thing about every day after dec 21 is it stays lighter a minute longer each day. And that's about the only good thing until summer is here.  

Luckily I get to look at cool maps and charts of warm and sometimes exotic areas of the world. This keeps me inspired and focused on why I work so hard: play time. Aka fun in the sun!!  

I have my heart set on a Bahamas trip this year, but hawaii doesn't sound too bad either! 


White sandy beach in Hawaii


"White Sandy Beach Of Hawai'i"

I saw you in my dream

We were walking hand in hand

On a white sandy beach of Hawaii

We were playing in the sun

We were having so much fun

On a white sandy beach of Hawaii

The sound of the ocean

Soothes my restless soul

The sound of the ocean

Rocks me all night long

Those half-hound summer days

lying there in the sun

On a white sandy beach of Hawaii

The sound of the ocean

Soothes my restless soul

The sound of the ocean

Rocks me all night long

Last night in my dream

I saw your face again

We were there in the sun

On a white sandy beach

On... oooonnnnn of Hawaii


I love California. Specifically Southern California. Every town on that coast that I've visited, I've fallen in love with. This one in particular, Laguna Beach. I love everything about it. From the salty air and surfers ;) to the little vegan stand and cool coffee houses. 

As I look out my window while the snow falls sideways, I think how awesome it would be to have an Airstream, stock it full of my Not For Navigation chart and map collection of Southern California towns and hit the road selling with my 2 Larry's and our 2 Peke pups. Thus, #whereiwanttobe


How many bottles of the bag?!?

Boating and drinking go hand in hand. Thankfully our Not For Navigation chart and map bags are constructed so strong they can tote all your booze and then some! The clip close tote has earned a new title...booze bag ;)

Next time you're packing your cooler see how many beers you can fit in your chart tote! Or champagne, or wine, or rum... For a little punch!  

Take a pic and post it for us to see! How many bottles fit in your  { Not For Navigation } bag! 


New Year's rezzy???

We aren't thinking the usual resolutions....exercise, eat healthy, quit smoking... We want to go somewhere.

Where do we want to go? The Bahamas...the Exumas to be exact. One of my most life inspiring friends speaks volumes of this area of the world and I NEED to go.

I'll snuggle this pillow until I'm basking in the hot Bahamian sun. 


hustle & bustle

Tis the season! The shopping...the parties...the food & drink. We love the hustle & bustle and the holiday buzz!

We also love the stories of the where and why our customers choose the chart or map they do. It's the gift we receive by making these custom pieces. The memories...the places...the stories. 

Celebrate this year with a custom gift that shows the story of a memory shared.   enjoy FREE standard shipping with discount code: freeship14


missing annapolis

This time every year, for the past 5 years, I packed my car full and drove to Annapolis, MD. Last years show came with something a little extra special...a baby on the way!!  And hence my reason for not attending the Annapolis Boat Show this amazing son, Larry III

Life moves in all different directions, and always for the right reason. I missed the thrill of packing up and leaving for a little south-bound adventure, but now I have a new thrill every day when I wake up! My smiling, beautiful baby. 

This movement of life is part of our story as a business. It's about your True North. It's about what your drawn to, where you've been, and where you're going. As much as I'd love to be at the Annapolis Boat Show this week, I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.

boston you're my home!

This Boston chart bag is the perfect gift for anyone who loves "the hub".  This shows Boston and all the waterways and islands surrounding the city & also:

Beacon Hill: "The Hill". The last remaining stronghold of Brahmins within the city limits. Also the seat of state government. "Business as usual on the Hill" implies political hackery and graft.

South Boston: "Southie". The Irish enclave just east of Dorchester. Popularized by Donny Wahlberg and Damon/Affleck movies.

South End: The area along Mass. Ave., recently gentrified. Note that this is not to be confused with South Boston, by any means.

East Boston: "Eastie". The impossible-to-get-to peninsula that hosts Logan Airport.

Back Bay: Several different areas have nicknames, such as the "Fens/Emerald Necklace" area of parklands, and the "Prudential" for Copley Square.

The Financial District: "Downtown", the part other than Copley Square where there are skyscrapers, east of the Common and north of Chinatown. Note that "downtown" is also considered Government Center and the Faneuil Hall area.

The Combat Zone: Ah, the Combat Zone. The former red light/sketchy district south of Downtown Crossing. Much cleaned up of late.

Allston: "The Spur". This refers to the area of Allston near the Masspike exit. See the Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace for additional details.

Dorchester: "Dot". Often shows up in the news as the scene of some gang-related "incident".

Jamaica Plain: "J.P.". Middle class/working class neighborhood.