be mine

With Valentines day on the way, I'm sure you're wondering what the perfect gift will be this holiday for her. 

Something different, something special...hmmm where to begin! This is the struggle for most around a gift-giving holiday. 

Share her most cherished location and let us create a unique piece made special for her!  

Featured below is a beach bag with the Hawaiian islands chart on it. Maybe you honeymooned there...first vaca... Plan a trip and this is how you'll tell her where you're going! ❤️❤️❤️


play time

One good thing about every day after dec 21 is it stays lighter a minute longer each day. And that's about the only good thing until summer is here.  

Luckily I get to look at cool maps and charts of warm and sometimes exotic areas of the world. This keeps me inspired and focused on why I work so hard: play time. Aka fun in the sun!!  

I have my heart set on a Bahamas trip this year, but hawaii doesn't sound too bad either! 



I love California. Specifically Southern California. Every town on that coast that I've visited, I've fallen in love with. This one in particular, Laguna Beach. I love everything about it. From the salty air and surfers ;) to the little vegan stand and cool coffee houses. 

As I look out my window while the snow falls sideways, I think how awesome it would be to have an Airstream, stock it full of my Not For Navigation chart and map collection of Southern California towns and hit the road selling with my 2 Larry's and our 2 Peke pups. Thus, #whereiwanttobe


Road trip

Craving the PCH and a convertable today. Stuck in frigid Massachusetts so I'll visit California in my dreams tonight. 

I hope Gladstones in Malibu is in it, along with las brisas and the stand in Laguna beach, a taco an any dive looking taco stand, the Lowes in Santa Monica, hotel del on coronado and pretty much every where from San Diego to San Francisco.


Flowers in your hair

If you're going to San Francisco... Make sure to wear flowers in your hair. One of the many places I need to visit again. 

I've walked the hilly streets many times and chilled in union square, next time I'd like to check out Alcatraz and take a boat tour of San Fran bay. 



Last minute shopping

Problem solved. Not For Navigation gift certificate. They can design their own tote, pillow, accessory, or set of placemats!



Muscle beach

New Years resolutions are creeping up... We made this pillow adorned with a map of Venice Beach, CA and all I could picture was the outdoor gym, men lifting weights, and lots of sideshows. 

But...did remind me of working out...and resolutions... And that they would be SO much easier to make and hold if I lived in Southern California instead of frigid Massachusetts.  


Home sweet home

Home really is where the heart is. I know this because I stay living in Massachusetts even though the weather is enough to make me pack up and drive far west to the southern pacific coast! 

Pillows with a map of home is a great gift for anyone who loves their home, or has had to leave it. Mark an address with a heart and mark a special address.  

Enjoy 15%off with discount code: NAUTI  



Mark your territory!

Place an icon of a star, heart, or anchor on an address.