nautical pillow

Turquoise seas

I'd like to be here floating in a turquoise sea!!! 🌴🏊☀️ put your favorite getaway on a #notfornavigation pillow and bring vacation into your home!! 


Happy New Year!

Thank you all for our best year ever! We couldn't have don't it without the support of our great customers and our fantastic team here at NFN. 

Cheers to another amazing year full of happiness, good health, and successes!  


Last minute shopping

Problem solved. Not For Navigation gift certificate. They can design their own tote, pillow, accessory, or set of placemats!



Home sweet home

Home really is where the heart is. I know this because I stay living in Massachusetts even though the weather is enough to make me pack up and drive far west to the southern pacific coast! 

Pillows with a map of home is a great gift for anyone who loves their home, or has had to leave it. Mark an address with a heart and mark a special address.  

Enjoy 15%off with discount code: NAUTI  


missing annapolis

This time every year, for the past 5 years, I packed my car full and drove to Annapolis, MD. Last years show came with something a little extra special...a baby on the way!!  And hence my reason for not attending the Annapolis Boat Show this amazing son, Larry III

Life moves in all different directions, and always for the right reason. I missed the thrill of packing up and leaving for a little south-bound adventure, but now I have a new thrill every day when I wake up! My smiling, beautiful baby. 

This movement of life is part of our story as a business. It's about your True North. It's about what your drawn to, where you've been, and where you're going. As much as I'd love to be at the Annapolis Boat Show this week, I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.

true north? or false...

"Man, you thought latitude and longitude was rough, just check out this declination stuff!

I'm sorry to be the one to tell you that your compass doesn't work quite right. It doesn't really point to the north pole or the south pole.

Not only that, next year it will point someplace different than it does this year! And, someday it may be completely backwards!"

Maybe this is why I can't find my way!!

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