true north


There is some validity to this {verb} "Mainer" and I'm beginning to understand it. Every time I've had a work related event in Maine, as that's the only reason I've visited Maine in the past years, I am so pleasantly surprised by the kindness.  

People are helpful, friendly, pretty down to earth, they seem organic, and like they have a different appreciation for life. I love all the Chevys and Fords I see, especially the ones hauling vintage campers like the 60's & 70's style teardrop made by Airstream. It seems people flock to Maine for their love of nature and the land. To slow down and take a fresh breath of green air. 

For those folks residing in Maine, the ones I've met hold true to my now definition of a "Mainer" . Kind, natural, polite, lovers of the land. Even though I live in Massachusetts, I feel like I'm PART "Mainer". 

And how would we define a "massachusettser"???? Hmmmmm that's a blog for a rainy day. 

Close up of our new southern Maine insured tote

Close up of our new southern Maine insured tote

Beautiful by nature

What more could you ask for?? Miami cityscape, a rainbow, salty air, sunshine, Not For Navigation cushions..and on this sailing vessel Sabrosura - amazing people, laughs, adventure, stories, and of course, champagne. 

Ahhhhhhh paradise. 


missing annapolis

This time every year, for the past 5 years, I packed my car full and drove to Annapolis, MD. Last years show came with something a little extra special...a baby on the way!!  And hence my reason for not attending the Annapolis Boat Show this amazing son, Larry III

Life moves in all different directions, and always for the right reason. I missed the thrill of packing up and leaving for a little south-bound adventure, but now I have a new thrill every day when I wake up! My smiling, beautiful baby. 

This movement of life is part of our story as a business. It's about your True North. It's about what your drawn to, where you've been, and where you're going. As much as I'd love to be at the Annapolis Boat Show this week, I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.